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According to Ayurveda, our physical and mental traits result from a combination of three distinct body-mind energies (doshas). One or two doshas predominate in most people's personalities. The remaining one is less significant. The terms Vata, Pitta, and Kapha identify as the three doshas.

We may optimize our mental, physical, and spiritual health by learning our unique body-mind nature (Prakriti) via the Ayurvedic Doshas. Although most persons exhibit traits from multiple doshas, one will often predominate.


Mark Vata, Pitta, and Kapha with a single point each. The final tally will reveal your body's predominant dosha and unique body type.

BODY FRAME Slim and can be short or tall MediumLarge and tall
WEIGHT Underweight and difficulty in gaining weight Moderate weight and remains constant Heavy weight
EYES Small, dark eyes Medium-sized eyes that are easily irritated or inflamed Large eyes with thick eyelashes and a soft, gentle gaze
SKIN Dry, rough, and prone to cracking in cold weather Moist, warm, and pink, which makes it prone to acne Large eyes with thick eyelashes and a soft, gentle gaze
COMPLEXION DarkSunburned and flushedPale
HAIR Rough, dry, and weary Thin, oily, light-colored, grey, and premature baldness Thick, wavy, and oily
EYEBROW Thin and smallAverage-sizedThick and bushy
NOSE Small and thin Average-sized Thick and bushy
TEETH Difference in sizes and misaligned Moderate-sizedLarge and white
JOINTS Stiff and tends to crack Loose and moderate size Large and sturdy
NAILS Thin and brittleSoft and pink Strong, thick, white and smooth
MUSCLES Thin and underdeveloped Average-sized Large and well developed
URINE Scant and colourlessProfuse and yellowModerate and milky
MENSTRUAL Irregular and scanty Regular and bright colour Regular and pale colour
STOOL Scanty, dry, hard, prone to gas and constipation Profuse, loose and soft Moderate, dense with mucus
APPETITE Variable Strong Low
DIETARY Likes to snack on dry, crunchy foods Wants to have cold drinks and snack Like to have sweet and creamy
THIRST Low High Moderate
DIGESTION Prone to gasGood, strong and fastSlow and steady
SWEAT Scarcely Profuse and Moderate has a strong odor Moderate
CIRCULATION Poor circulation with cold hands and feet Good circulation with warm hands and feet Moderate circulation and cool temperature
WEATHER Likes sun and warmth Likes cold weather Likes warm & windy
SENSITIVITY Cold temperatures, wind, dry conditions, and loud noises. Heat, sunlight, colours, and brightness Touch, mold, and dampness
IMMUNITY Low Moderate Strong
SLEEP Light Moderate Deep
DREAMS Prone to nightmare Colourful and vivid passionate Rarely or uneventful
MOVEMENTS Quick Move with purpose and motivation Moves slowly, steadily, and gracefully
DECISION Changes mind quickly, indecisive and nervous Decisive & determine Changes mind and opinions slowly
THOUGHTS Creative and has visionary ideas Logical, critical, and idealistic Slow and methodical
LEARNING ABILITY Quick learner, but forgets quickly due to poor memory Strong with a sharp memory Slow learner with excellent long-term memory
PROFESSIONALLY Art Medicine, Engineering Business
MIND Prone to anxiety, fear, nervousness, and worry Prone to irritability anger, aggression, jealousy Prone to depression, lethargy, attachment
ATTITUDE Lively and has a positive attitude Warm, extroverted, and confident Peaceful, happy, and loving when in balance
MONEY Spent on trifles Earns but spends on luxuries Earning and saving money is possible with the right motivation
SPEECH Quick and talkative Argumentative, confrontational, and enjoy debate Talks slowly and deliberately
TRAVEL Loves to travel anywhere Only travel to beautiful destinations Spend more time at home
SENSITIVITY Sensitive to sound Sensitive to visual stimuli