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Meditation is an art that requires one to focus the mind, tame the thoughts, and delve deep into oneself. Through consistent practice, it is possible better to understand one's purpose in life and the universe while also enjoying a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. So, let's explore how meditation works.


It is essential to understand that concentrating on your mind is complex, despite how easy it may sound. While it is possible to clear your mind of thoughts, keeping them at bay is much more challenging than one might anticipate. To assist you in starting this process, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  1. Choose a calm and hygienic spot for effective practice and maintain a consistent daily routine.
  2. It's crucial to ensure you're comfortable by selecting appropriate clothing and adjusting your posture.
  3. To prepare yourself, start with some Asanas and stretching. Practising Pranayama can help to calm your mind.
  4. Clear your mind of any thoughts.
  5. The most challenging part is keeping other thoughts out of your mind. Concentrating on a single object, like a candle, may be beneficial. Look at the candle and focus solely on it. Some people refer to this as becoming one with the flame. Achieving this level of focus requires a lot of practice and patience.

When your mind is free of thoughts, you will experience a sense of calm and awareness that experts say cannot be put into words. It would be best if you experienced it for yourself to understand the feeling truly.


As you continue your Meditation practice, you'll experience significant positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. Various studies have demonstrated a reduction in multiple physiological and biochemical markers, including heart rate, respiration rate, plasma cortisol (the primary stress hormone), pulse rate, and increased EEG alpha (brain wave linked with relaxation). Meditation induces deep relaxation while enhancing awareness, resulting in quicker reactions, greater creativity, and improved comprehension.

Other benefits are:

1. Improved lung capacity.

2. A robust defence mechanism.

3. Recharged nervous system.

4. Decreased anxiety.

5. Enhanced memory.

6. Used to help treat conditions like asthma.

7. Open-mindedness.

8. Development of qualities like tolerance, kindness, and selflessness.

9. Confidence in one's own life grows.

With discipline, determination, and patience, you can achieve meditation. It may take time, but consistent practice will take you far. The rewards are worth the effort as you gain physical and mental health benefits and much more. Keep going, and success will be yours.