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Surya Namaskar is a yoga practice involving facing the sun, a vital energy source. It is typically performed in the morning and evening. Regularly practising sun salutations promotes good health and protects against diseases. This exercise is beneficial for the joints and muscles throughout the body.

Yogic science uses asanas (postures) to awaken spiritual dimensions through their impact on nadis (energy channels) and chakras. This helps individuals become more aware of fulfilling their life's purpose and overcoming death. Regular sun salutation practice can influence the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects, increasing enthusiasm.

Before practising yogic practices, do cleansing regimens, including tooth brushing, tongue cleaning, oil pulling, cleaning the bowel, clearing the bladder, and taking a shower to energize the pranic body because yogic practices will only be experienced by following its proper disciplines.


  1. It helps to strengthen the back and improve metabolism balance.
  2. This helps to balance and stimulate all body systems, including the reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.
  3. It helps to ensure a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence by stabilizing the endocrine glands during the growth phase of children.
  4. Relaxes your mind and body.
  5. Helps with Weight Loss.
  6. Reduces Hair Fall..
  7. Eliminates imbalances.
  8. Enhances Digestion.
  9. Boosts Kidney Performance.
  10. A Revealed Method for Glowing Skin.

If you have conditions such as back pain, hypertension, or hernia, it is recommended that you practice yoga under the direct guidance of a Yogacharya.